Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter Hiking Date at Capilano Canyon

Hiking in zero degree weather? Why not! Yesterday, my husband and I decided to do something new to get out of the house. Since we both work from home, we spend most of the week cooped up inside and rarely get to enjoy the outdoors away from the city. We decided on Capilano Canyon since the website mentioned many things to see along the hike, including the Cleveland Dam and a salmon hatchery. But really, the main reason we picked it was because it was labeled "easy" :P

" of Vancouver's main sources of drinking water and the area to the north of the dam is off limits to people."
There were very few people around which was nice and quite a change from hiking in the summer where trails are packed with hikers and tourists. In the beginning, I did get paranoid though. There was nobody around except for a lone "hiker" in front of us, not dressed in hiking gear, and........ hiking backwards, facing us. I started thinking about all the hiking tragedies in the news last year and one particular one that I read about just that morning. As my imagination starts to run wild, the mystery backwards hiker disappears into the woods and we see more people ahead of us. Phewwwwf!
At the salmon hatchery - admission is free and there are picnic tables around... a nice place to take a break in the middle of your hike.

After an hour and a half, we were back to where we started. It was still too early to catch the sunset but we got great views of the mountains and the sun peeking through the trees. I hurried back to the car as my milk tea with pearls was waiting for me for the hour drive back home. 

I realized that we are so blessed to have access to all of this - fresh air, hiking trails, tall trees, mountains, lakes, and more - that we should take advantage of it more often. Here's to more outdoor activities in 2014!

What would you like to do more of in 2014?


  1. Ooh that sounds lovely!!! I wish I was closer to hiking trails and outdoorsy things! (....sort of. I like them in theory but I also am not a big fan of dirt. Or hard trails.) Sadly in Houston, it is flat and not very scenic. But good for you for getting out there! That's a great 2014 resolution!

    Hahaha I'm a dork but your question ("What would you like to do more of?") reminds me of that commercial with that guy in the store who's like, "my mom taught me how to wrap presents. She also taught me how to breakdance" <--sorry if you didn't get any of that. It got me every time.

    Anyhoo, my goal is to just get out and do more period. I saw this Buzzfeed article on homebodies and I was like...that describes my life. It's basically work, work out, cook, eat, cook some more, blog, hang out with Erik, force myself to socialize once or twice a week. And I'm in my 20s! Shouldn't I be experiencing the world or something?

  2. the beauty of nature! its amazing isnt it!

  3. I use to cycle by Cleveland Dam all the time while going to Capilano Road and I always meant to check it out but I still haven't! Happy new year Kym!!

  4. Looks amazing :) I need to visit Vancouver soon! Meet up?!?! :)

  5. Wow! What an amazing view!!! Very beautiful... see this is why I need to travel more.

    Also, I seen your picture to the right.. How did you get that banging ass body? I'm having weight problems... really bad. I can't seem to break away from food.

  6. I've been wanting to give hiking a try since last year. I really take living in BC for granted and not take advantage of the clean air and natural beauty this province has. This looks like a good trail for first timers like me & the bf. Your paranoia cracked me up. hahaha.