Sunday, March 9, 2014

Me vs. Running

It's no secret. I hate running and I will admit that I'm terrible at it - my endurance sucks and I can't even run in a straight line. The last time I ran "long distance" was in 2009 when a friend convinced me to run a half marathon with her... I quit halfway through training. Somehow, I found myself running today to prepare for my first 10km next month. Here's how I got sucked in peer pressured into it:

For the last two years, my father-in-law has been working hard for a healthier lifestyle. He has since gone from size 46 jeans to wearing size 32 jeans and has made it his goal to run a marathon. When he asked my husband, sister-in-law, and I to run with him at the annual Vancouver Sun Run, I decided to take on the challenge. Besides, if a 60+ year old man can do it, what excuse do I have? This afternoon, I laced up my running shoes and went outside to see how far I could go without stopping. I decided that 3km would be a good goal.
I turned my phone's GPS on and started to track my activity on RunKeeper
RunKeeper LadyTime: five minutes. Distance: zero point seven kilometres
Me: omg, that's it? that's all?

I kept running and was determined to reach my 3km goal without stopping. At 3km, I started to think... this isn't so bad, i still have some left in me. So I kept running. 4km arrived and I thought...five sounds like a nicer number... so i kept running. At 5km, I was getting into my groove and felt like I could still keep going. I just distracted my mind with thoughts about the delicious dinner that was waiting for me. 6km rolled around and I thought... i can't believe i reached 6! I can still keep going... 7 would be a nicer number. *pant* *pant* *pant* I was singing along in my head to the music blasting in my ear *areeeee you gonnnnnnaaaa -------- The music stopped. My phone died. I was pretty upset that I couldn't track my distance anymore especially since I was getting into a groove for 7km but the other part of me was happy it was over. 

As you can see, my pace started getting worse towards the end but i'm just happy I kept going! Now back to the barbells...

Do you enjoy running?